Slim and with a modern and minimalist design, UNI-1 is the single shower that offers comfort and practicality. It is equipped with one shower head and one foot wash and it is available in 3 versions: UNI-1M, with a water mixer for the shower, to adjust the water temperature at best, and a manually closing tap for the foot wash; UNI-1R, with manual closing taps for both the shower and the foot wash; UNI-1P, equipped with a timer button for both the shower and the foot wash, to reduce water consumption. UNI-1 is made of AISI 316 polished stainless steel and guarantees excellent corrosion resistance. The internal hydraulic parts are made of brass, copper and stainless steel. The M version has internal connection hoses for hot and cold water, that make installing the shower a quick and easy operation. Thanks to its thick support base, UNI-1 has excellent stability and is firmly anchored to the ground. A touch of style to enhance and make even more comfortable your outdoor space.

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Design, comfort
energy savings


Easy Install

Made in Italy

Tank material AISI 316 BA
Water connection in 3/4" F
Max pressure bar 3
No. of Shower head 1
No. of Foot washer 1
Numero di attacchi 2 (UNI-1M)
1 (UNI-1R)
1 (UNI-1P)
Model with mixer UNI-1M
Model with tap UNI-1R
Model with timed button UNI-1P
No. of pieces packing 1 l x p x h cm
235 x 35 x 35
No. of pieces pallet 9 l x p x h cm
236 x 107 x 107
UNI-1M € 1.090,00
UNI-1R € 980,00
UNI-1P € 1.020,00

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